Development Initiatives International

Who We Are

What Is Development Initiative International

DII is a Ugandan registered indigenous Non Governmental Organization registration number S.5914/5335. Our slogan is Enhancing development through integrated programs. We seek to find the most cost effective way of providing services by being responsive to community needs, building on existing resources and fostering complementary and collaborative partnerships. Currently we provide workplace based HIV services for the informal economy workers.

Why the informal sector economy worker

The informal sector employs 70% of Uganda’s labour force but the sector is largely underserved in terms of development services. The impact of HIV/AIDS on the informal sector activities, which are often family enterprises operated and/or owned by sole breadwinners, begins as soon as a family member starts to suffer from HIV-related illness.

This is compounded the fact that the workers have low incomes and poor health seeking behaviour. For example in the market communities, vendors spend over 15 hours everyday at their work place. Given the nature of their work and the dire need for survival, most of the vendors cannot take time off to access health services in poorly resourced health centers. DII’s experience shows that uptake of services increases significantly when the services are provided within the workplace

Our Vision

For healthier and more productive communities

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of the informal sector communities through interventions that mitigate the impact of disease, promote sustainable development and empower them to champion their own development.

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